Feeling Surreal

A poem by Valentina Dine

Hey YOU!
Tell me about life
Anybody there
with a better flow than mine 
Show me 
your mysterious vibe
Teach me 
how to feel alive.
Tell me how it feels?              
Being ordinary -
I can’t see the appeal
Show me
something surreal
To comprehend
my sense is real
Holding the thought
living boldly is ideal.
How do you find
a road with wheels?
So, no matter where you go
the magic reveals
What if the journey
Is headed downhill?  
I need to believe
true happiness is real.
Tell me where to look 
and, what out there to see? 
Show me
how to find stars in the sea
I’m intrigued 
where my life will take me
Teach me how to know 
from what to break free.


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